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2015-PPS3 Milk quality

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9.1 About Principle Investigator

Short Curriculum Vitae

Education & work experience

BSc degree in Electro Technical Engineering, Hogere Technische School, HTS-Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

Appointed as researcher since 2006 at Wageningen Livestock Research

Field of expertise

Research in the field of the application of animal identification, sensor development for detecting illness and oestrus in dairy cows, development of systems for automatic milking, development of research facilities for milking technology research and milking technology research


Scientific publications are available at

9.2 Objectives of the study

Excellent quality raw milk is basis for high quality products. Demand for excellent quality is increasing but is only available on small percentage of Chinese farms. The quality shall be improved by on farm checks, also for farmer feedback: animal health, contamination milk, food safety, suitability for processing and long shelf life. The objective of this project is to develop practical guidelines for quality parameters & technology for measuring and ensuring farm milk quality and reviewing routines for: roughage production, feeding, animal health, milking, milk transport and on farm storage.

9.3 Main report of the research

A PPT overview of sensors used in Western European Dairy Farms.

The use of sensors in Dairy Farming

SDDDC project 2015

Ing. P. H. Hogewerf & Ir. A. H. Ipema , Wageningen UR Livestock Research

9.4 Conclusion

Some of the sensor systems used in the Western European Dairy Farms can also contribute to the improvement of the Chinese on farm raw milk quality. The sensor systems have to be integrated in the Chinese farm situations and the people have to learn (just as the Dutch farmers had to learn) how to interpret and use the information coming from those sensor systems. In the SDDDC project there has been limited progress on this part of the project especially because the Chinese project part was focussing on the quality monitoring and improvement during the milk manufacturing process.

9.5 Appendix

Report: The use of Sensors in Dairy Farming




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