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SDDDC News in November

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【SDDDC NEWS】Leading the partnership framework of industry, university and research institutes in to a golden triangle model, and promote faster development China’s dairy industry

---- An interview with Kees de Koning, Dutch projects contact person for SDDDC

The report of the Nineteenth Party Congress indicate that in regards to implementing innovation-driven development strategies, deepening the industry-university-research partnership is a significant measure for development through the industrial chain and promoting innovation. On the basis of the collaboration of industry-university-research and forming a golden triangle model in Dutch dairy, SDDDC has for four years developed and served as the standard bearer for Sino-Dutch dairy industry-university-research collaboration.  

In November 2013, SDDDC was set up by China Agriculture University, Wageningen University and Research Center (referred to as WUR) and Royal FrieslandCampina. As one of founders, WUR has been rated by USnews as the best university for agricultural sciences all over the world, and played a huge role in establishing SDDDC as a leader in the fields of scientific research, teacher training, and talent exchange, among others.  

Scientific research should be “in China and for China”

As an international first-class institution for higher education, WUR has a strong focus on both fundamental and applied scientific research and education, which has been named as “Science for impact”. WUR has maintained a good partnership with enterprises and their research projects enables WUR to work with these partners directly and in doing so, scientific achievements that have practical applications are realized. The establishment of SDDDC has unified and provided a systematic framework for scientific innovation; WUR’s capabilities in these fields have contributed to building a closer collaboration between enterprises, governments, and science organizations.   

“China’s dairy market is facing major challenges. China is experiencing rapidly growing demand for dairy products but has limited availability of arable land for crop production. At the same time, the focus of the dairy sector is shifting from quantity expansion to quality improvement and profitability increase. That is why it is key to improve milk yield & milk quality and the farming economy while in the same time environmental impact has to be reduced, to improve sustainability based on circular farming.” As the researcher in WUR and Dutch projects contact person of SDDDC said in the interview, “SDDDC is dedicated to defining and exploring scientific topics and addressing real challenges of China’s dairy industry. I am sure that combining the quality resources of China and The Netherlands will enable the advancement of the China’s dairy. ” 

By November, WUR and China Agriculture University have completed a total of 32 scientific topics through SDDDC. It was introduced by Kees that these topics will undergo comprehensive evaluation from the research group in a closed meeting at the end of each year. This research group has consisted of principal investigators drawn from Sina-Dutch academic experts. Through evaluation they will determine whether ongoing topics can be concluded as well as define the direction for research in next year. It is clear to see that the whole evaluation process is extremely rigorous.  

Expand SDDDC activities to get more impact

WUR is also working with other universities in China. “SDDDC is a very special partnership as it includes two universities,” Kees said, “through the Dutch golden triangle model, we hope to promote the entire industry chain “from grass to glass”, and develop the Chinese dairy industry in many specific areas, including food safety, product quality and production efficiency, among others.”   

As an inclusive, open, cooperative and shared platform, SDDDC has attracted partners for important links of the dairy industry chain, such as dairy breeding, feed processing, dairy farming, dairy processing, dairy financial support, dairy technology innovation, etc. It is these partnerships that have successfully connected Sino-Dutch government resources, two top institutions and excellent enterprise resources in a Golden Triangle model.  

In scientific research, SDDDC imports and translates leading professional books from Dutch to Chinese, and builds academic bridges for Sino-Dutch industry figures to learn and communicate. The annual report on the Chinese dairy industry gained a lot of attention in China. Meanwhile, much expertise has been developed in China’s dairy industry through this integration of resources from China and The Netherlands. 

SDDDC arranged for Chinese and Dutch experts to hold specialist courses annually, such as the Dairy Academy Training Course for frontline workers in farms, and a Master Training Course for technical services specialists and executive groups. So far nearly 400 specialists of cattle breeding and farm management have been trained, and over one-fourth of them obtained a master certificate. In the aspect of talent training, SDDDC has fully sponsored seven Chinese masters in the dairy industry pursue four-year PhDs in WUR, and supports several young teachers and scholars from China and The Netherlands for academic visits.  

Finally, Kees mentioned that SDDDC has indeed achieved high recognition from the Chinese dairy industry, but they still need to strengthen and expand the partnerships to benefit the Chinese dairy industry and all SDDDC partners. The SDDDC partnership is open to all partners who support SDDDC’s objectives.