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SDDDC News in June

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Press release in June

Headline : SDDDC focuses on cultivating professional expertise to improve our country’s dairy industry

Summary : The SDDDC regularly invites senior trainers to lecture SDDDC students about cow signaling, helping to turn these trainees into senior trainers in the field of cattle breeding. Students who have passed the course believe that Dairy Academy Plus can genuinely upgrade a dairy professional’s skills and that it is a concrete method for training professionals.

Headline : Continually perfecting and developing knowledge and expertise to cultivate talent for China’s dairy industry

Summary : In a recent interview with Professor Zhou, a participant in the Dutch-Chinese exchange program, we learned that the Netherlands is continually fine-tuning their educational model and management methods. The Dutch golden talent cultivation triangle, “Industry-Study-Research”, combines research and application perfectly. The model can best apply theory and knowledge to the dairy industry’s developments.




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